Future Perfect for the Wireless Surveillance Camera Technology

Wireless surveillance camera is essentially a closed circuit television camera used for transmission of audio and video output to a wireless receiver working on a particular radio band. These are getting popularity since these are compact. These do not need extensive video cables. These have simple mounting fixtures. There are two variations of a wireless surveillance camera.

The analog version uses radio frequencies for audio and video transmission covering a line of sight distance of around 90 meters. These are more affordable. There could be several receivers for one camera. However, these are prone to disturbances from household gadgets like cordless handsets, microwaves, video game controllers and routers. The signals are also not secure. Neighborhood radios tuned to the same frequency may catch the transmission. Any physical obstructions like walls, doors, trees, and building reduces its range and quality.

The digital wireless surveillance camera transmits video and audio output as digital- packets-encodes riding on large bandwidth radio frequencies. It has around 150 meter wide range of transmission in open space with clear line of sight. Video and audio qualities are excellent. It is fully secured from a neighborhood eavesdropping. One can also transmit functions and commands. However, these are far more expensive than the analog version.

Wireless surveillance camera has almost covered the entire world of activity. These are used in banks, offices, hospital, hotels, malls, apartment and private homes. These are being used to keep an eye on persons moving in a surreptitious manner on conspicuous places such as airports, railway platforms, roads, and public transports of almost all types. These are now being used in educational institutions too. One of the best usages is in chemical and nuclear industries. These cameras are installed at places either prohibited due to safety precautions or to monitor the chemical and nuclear reaction taking place inside a closed vessel. Its infrared capability can pierce through the dark.

Wireless surveillance camera technology is undergoing rapid advancement. The next step in the future would be to employ Nano technology. This would entail a virtual invisibility of such cameras from the probing eyes.

There is an ugly side of the use of wireless surveillance cameras too. Criminals hide such cameras at ATMs to capture pin code of users. The captured images reach the criminals sitting on the other side of the road or passage. The eye (lens) of the wireless surveillance cameras installed for surveillance is sometimes smeared with a sticky liquid almost making it opaque. There was one instance when a photograph of the area under surveillance was mounted in front of the camera. The person monitoring the activity remained assured of any untoward happening, and the crime was committed.

Such extensive use of wireless surveillance cameras may cover the entire Earth in the future. It may keep an eye on any movement in the universe. One may someday question the presence of word ‘privacy’ in the dictionary. Wikimapia, Google earth and a camera loaded surveillance satellites are some examples of the future scenario.

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