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Information About Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are increasing in popularity. There are different types to choose from. The features and abilities of each type will vary as will the price. There are many top names to choose from. Any of the top rated brands of phones will provide you with excellent service. It is one invention that has changed the way that the world communicates. Remember when landline telephones were the only way to reach out to one another? The increased popularity of the mobile has practically put many landline phone companies out of business. Communication companies are more focused on wireless service than they are on landline service.

The Ins and Outs of the Mobile Phone

The features a mobile can come equipped with will vary greatly. Some of them will allow you to connect to the internet no matter where you are. There are also those that allow you to video chat with others. Voicemail, texting, picture and video messages are just a few of the must have features on mobile phones. The battery life of a device is one of the things that you should consider before you purchase it. The battery life of these devices can vary depending on features that you are using. There are many top brands that offer prepaid packages. These types of phones allow you to only use the amount of texts and minutes that you have already paid for.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Mobile Phone

There are many pros and cons to have a mobile phone. Should you ever be in an emergency situation, this gadget is a very handy item, that is, if you get a signal. The cons of these accessories can include a high bill. Since technology is always bringing new features to enjoy, you may have to pay to upgrade your phone to the latest model. These phones can store and play your favorite music. Some even have games to keep you entertained while you are out and about.

The Transformation Over the Past Few Decades

Mobile phones have evolved drastically since the release of the first gadget. The first few models of these phones were very large and chunky. When these items were first released, they were not very popular due to how expensive they were. Nowadays, there are phones available all over the world. Coverage is also worldwide. The 3G revolution that took place in 2007 has revitalized the mobile phone. Some users find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing technology. Purchasing a new phone every time new model is available gets expensive. Many companies offer free discounted upgrades to entice their customers. Mobile phones can be purchased just about everywhere you can think of. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mobile Phones – From Analog to Digital

When the first mobile phones came out of the market, many people were amazed by the advancement in its technology. Indeed, it was simply amazing for a very small piece of communication equipment to be able to send and transmit messages in voice. It was more clearly advantageous than a two way radio that were the fad during those days in which you can only call your base stations and other radio handset users linked to your channel. Most of those people who uses two way radios were hobbyist or employees of a company with a base to contact field employees to monitor their whereabouts. The advantage of a mobile phone compared to these two-way radios was the longer reaching power of a cell phone, whereas a two-way radio is limited in its range of operation.

At this stage, however, mobile phones although utilizing already the cell technology through channel reuse, was still considered as in its infant stage as the carrier it utilizes is the analog technology. But first, so that you may understand better the workings of a mobile phone, let me explain about the term channel reuse. You see, radio signals operate on a particular frequency. These radio signals, in order to be free of interference, should operate on a different frequency. Like if a certain radio frequency is on 120 MHz, another radio frequency should be in another frequency to avoid mixing signals with the radio signal that is already operating in the 120 MHz frequency. But in the case of mobile phones, many of these units operate in the same frequency, through the principle of channel reuse, thereby making the mobile phones used by many people. Channel reuse was made possible by providing limited power to every mobile phone unit and providing many cell sites or towers. Thus a mobile phone can relay and receive signal only to the nearest cell site or tower nearest to it and not affect another cell tower on another location, making it possible for other cell phones on the same channel to send and receive signals on other cell sites or towers without interference.

Now that you have a good idea how cell phone operates, let us go back to the first carrier used by mobile phones which is the Analog system of carrying radio signals. This kind of radio signals carriers are the up and down frequencies of radio transmissions that were used in all forms of radio messages before the advent of digital technology. A very good example of these signals can be seen on hospital operating rooms that are usually in TV and movies depicting the near death of an individual as shown by the up and down movement of a moving light on a monitor graph. The up and down light that you see moving is an analog signal frequency, depicting the sound of a patient’s heartbeat.

When digital signals became available to be used in radio communications, it was found out that the system of channel reuse employed on mobile phones is more adapted to using the digital system of carrying signals as digital are not susceptible to interference unlike analog. Thus, telecommunication companies soon begun to reconstruct their signaling system to adapt to the digital system of signal delivery in mobile phones. Read the rest of this entry »

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